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Appointed Senators ponder weighty question

The appointed Senate of Canada briefly surfaced from its summer slumbers. In August its Liberal appointees were polled on the question of whether they supported the present Prime Minister continuing in office.

The result showed that 51 of 62 Liberal appointees signed, or verbally assented to a letter pledging support to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien in a party leadership vote of confidence scheduled to be taken at a national Liberal convention in February 2003.

Why would they do that?

Did the fact that Mr. Chrétien selected and appointed them Senators weigh on their minds? Some churlish observers might think so. Perish the thought! These are honourable men and women.

Did the fact that they enjoy their salaries paid for by taxpayers, that they enjoy all the perks and privileges of office until age 75, and a handsome pension thereafter paid for by taxpayers, and that all this was thanks to one man, ever for one moment entered their minds? Perish the thought! These are honourable men and women.

Canadians can rejoice that they have such honourable Senators serving in what is termed "the chamber of sober second thought". In clear-cut fashion they have demonstrated the value of sober second thought. When asked to demonstrate their support for the man who appointed them, many must have lain awake nights, the question lying heavily on their minds.

The profundity of their cogitabundity has now been made manifest. They will support the man who appointed them Senators.

These are truly honourable men and women.

Despite such an overwhelming show of support from his appointees, Mr. Chrétien has announced his decision to retire eighteen months from now.


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