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The Famine

The Famine - "The Times" - and Donegal

A series of articles based on contemporary records of the famine.

Workhouse Famine Records 1
Workhouse Famine Records 2

Two articles on startling facts revealed by a local group, using material gleaned from Ballyshannon Workhouse records.

Girls Orphaned by the Famine

Memorial monument lists 400 among the thousands transported to Australia. Fate of Mary Allingham.

Trinity College Dublin - Two Articles:

"Overdue Account - Usurped Donegal lands granted to Trinity College Dublin"
"Trinity College and its influence on Irish Law", with additional information on use of usurped land holdings.

The "Vindicator" Story

Donegal's First Nationalist Newspaper

A new light on the history of a family newspaper spanning the transformation of Ireland from alien rule through civil war to Twenty-Six County independence. Second edition revised and expanded.

The Bards of Ireland

The Bards of Ireland - Part I
The Bards of Ireland - Part II

A millennium project paying homage to one group of bards (poets) whose work contributed much to the preservation of Irish history and literature.

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