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The Unelected Canadian Senate
Chrétien 63 not out; Mulroney 57

Canadians will soon have to consult Wisden, the bible of cricket, to keep score of the Senate appointments made by the present Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien.

In March he added another two appointees to the unelected Senate, bringing his total to 63. The latest duo were serving as elected Members of Parliament and just happened to be members of the Prime Minister's own party.

And on it goes.

"But what can I do? I'm only one person."

Yes, you may be only one person. But you are one person with the power to make a difference, one person with the power to call for change, one person with the power to demand that Canada become a modern democratic state.

Simply use this site to exercise the power of the Internet. By calling up the List of Members you can immediately contact any Member of Parliament by e-mail, state your view on the unelected Senate, and ask for his/her response.

Please revise the totals given in the table previously published in the Canadian Vindicator.

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