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Saying Thanks

The New Year is generally regarded as a time for planning ahead, for resolutions to do better, for hopes and dreams to be realized, for beginnings not reflections. What it may hold for us collectively and individually, none can foretell.

Will there be war? Will there be peace?

Rather than looking ahead, the promoters of this web page wish to look back on the past year and to say thanks to those who visited us during 2002.

Designed to provide a link between Canada and Ireland, has spread wider and farther than even the most optimistic among us anticipated.

Sharing news and views between both countries has attracted readers worldwide.

Political, economic, environmental, and cultural concerns in both countries have provided the main source of the material for this monthly e-zine.

Our focus on two principal issues, the non-elected Senate of Canada, and the damage being done to the wild salmon stock in Ireland, has served to bring about greater public awareness of the danger to democracy posed by one and the danger to nature posed by the other.

We wish to thank the many who supported our endeavours during the past year as evidenced by the growing monthly tally of hits which reached a record high of 94,706 in November

You and we are not alone.


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