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The other side of the divide

"Dammit man. Fair's fair. Give the other side a break."

All right. And what better time to do it. So here goes.

Happy July 12, Ian!

As every muggle knows, July 12 is Orangemen's Day, and Ian is the Reverend Ian Paisley.

Time was when, in country areas, on July 12 Romanist farmers looked after their Orange neighbours' livestock when those neighbours went off to walk in parades and meet in the traditional field to hear fire and brimstone orations about Popery.

Of course, on March 17 each year the situation was reversed, with Orange farmers looked after their Romanist neighbours' livestock when those neighbours flocked to churches and later wandered off to wet their whistles.

Well, let's leave well enough alone. Ian dancing with David (Trimble) down the Garvaghey Road is a picture from the past. David now dances with other partners in Stormont assembly rooms.

And Ian soldiers on alone, the best friend nationalists ever had or are likely to have. Without Ian to point to, they would lose an ace they can play any time doubt is cast on their cause.

Mayhap that is why the Reverend Ian has the honour of being listed in the Index of Irish Authors & Journals on the web site of the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco. Doubting Thomas's may access a list of his works at,I/life.htm, and reflect on his myriad accomplishments.

Congratulations, Ian. Your Irishness is finally recognised.


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