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Calling all weavers

Chances are that not too many readers of this e-zine know much about the ancient art of weaving. Chances are that those who do are unfamiliar with the work of seven Irish weavers samples of whose work recently made their appearance on the World Wide Web. In order to assist make their talents more widely known and appreciated, this web site, linking Ireland and Canada, is happy to draw attention to their presence at Weaving Works, where a few examples of their art are displayed. From the extraordinarily beautiful to the daringly innovative, the pieces on display are well worth viewing.

All seven weavers are women. Seven is a number well known to Canadians, The Group of Seven being the painters who pushed Canada into the forefront of the early twentieth century art world. Their names were J.E.H. MacDonald, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, Frank Johnston, Arthur Lismer, A.Y. Jackson, and F. H. Varley.

The names of the Group of Seven Weavers whose works appear on the Internet are Linda Brindley, Tish Canniffe, Pascale De Coninck, Frances Leach, Charlotte Leeder, Dóri O'Connell, and Heather Underwood.


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