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Nothing sacred any more

"The times they are a-changing." They certainly are. In the secular sense nothing is sacred any more.

For longer than this writer remembers, and longer than any anyone alive can remember, one building stood at the corner of the Bridge End in Ballyshannon as a symbol of the town through which ran one of the greatest salmon and trout angling rivers in Europe.

Mention the name and anglers from many countries knew it simply as Rogan's of Ballyshannon. A Rogan made greenheart was a fishing rod to be treasured by anglers worldwide. Not too long ago one was offered for auction on the Internet. Hand-tied flies from Rogan's were equally treasured.

This web site mentions the Rogan family association with the River Erne, Lough Melvin, the Drowes and other famous angling waters in several stories. Surfers can seek them out for themselves.

Now, although the business will be carried on elsewhere, the unique, architecturally designed curved building at the Bridge End is facing demolition in a matter of months.

Another heritage link is to disappear.

It is a sad story.


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