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Vindicator e-zine keeps on growing

As shown in the chart above, the popularity of this web site linking Canada and Ireland has grown dramatically in the past two years, and monthly statistics continue to add to its success.

Incorporating as it does, A Home Page with an Irish Flavour, the Canadian Vindicator monthly e-zine carries a blend of commentary and news of interest to Canadian and Irish readers worldwide. With a solid knowledge of public affairs in both countries, and freedom to comment freely on topics of common interest to the citizens of each, it occupies a unique position among cyberspace journals.

Its collections of memoirs, short stories, poetry, plays, and its links to reputable web sites in Canada and Ireland, provide reading aplenty to regular visitors and casual surfers alike.

Plans for its continuing success and future growth are under review, and it is hoped they will be supported by those who, for whatever reason, find something of interest and pleasure when they summon up on the Internet.


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